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Remember to Remember (2019)

Remember to remember that a memory is a memory of a memory. When remembered, a memory is recreated. Regenerated out of the sum of the experience, the conditions that allowed the experience to emerge, and the conditions of the moment of recollection; thus creating a new memory. There are countless memories, created, forgotten, recreated, remembered and re-remembered. The human mind curates memories, omits, changes and represses others.


A mind, when rid of its human gifts and limitations, would have the ability to achieve absolute memory. The ability to record memories perfectly and from the other side, the ability to remember memories perfectly. A perfect memory, when remembered cannot be distinguished from reality. A memory as complex, as deep, as regenerative as reality. A memory that allows the creation and recollection of memories within itself. Perfect memories, perfect realities. Infinite memories, infinite realities. Memories of memories lived and created constantly and at the same time.


The past, the present and the future are all simultaneously unfolding: the past is the memory of the present, and the present, the memory of the future, and the future, the memory of a further future. All memories, all realities.


These realities are realities that abide by human limitations, but how many realities exist if we consider the realities that lie outside of our sensory space?


This realisation of the enumerable amount of realities, of memories, is a warm reminder of the unimportance of our constructed human world, our late capitalist human reality. Realities defined by space and time, the dichotomy between human and nature, and the relation of our memories and histories; an interrelation that grounds and solidify reality and hinder it from shifting towards unexpected, unfamiliar iterations. This static inclination of reality is what hinders the world from changing towards different future. Futures that we can skim by remembering. Futures that we can skim by creating realities within realities; memories within memories. Memories and realities, virtuals and possibles that we can live in the actual now.

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