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Claude Nassar works at the intersection of philosophical research, sound production and film making to think about the dissonance between individuated abstractions and the irreducible collectivity of living. Nassar is interested in the conjunction of infrastructures of domination and extraction of labour, with strategies of subsistence as normative social and political unities. Nassar’s textual, auditory, and visual work, evolves around investigating the ways formalised processes of art and knowledge production become instruments of safeguarding the infrastructures of governance that validate, record, and archive them. Nassar’s practice explores the potential of decolonial onto-epistemologies, and methodologies of non-deterministic recording of abstraction in cultivating social and political cooperation beyond both territorial unities, and delocalised unities around abstracted generalities; exploring modalities of producing art and knowledge that challenge the logics of production according to which collective living processes are stratified into individuated professionalised labour, rationalised through de-particularised significance.






- September 2021: Existence Will Resume After This Ad

- August 2021: Writing In The Dark

- July 2021: Reflections On Sound And Music Production

- June 2021: On Political Leadership In Lebanon

- May 2021: From Universal Logic to Multiple Logics

- April 2021: Geometric Observations On Knowledge

- March 2021: Meditation On and In Leaving

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