Claude Nassar is a filmmaker, researcher and writer from Lebanon, currently based in Iceland. Claude works at the intersection of theoretical research, film making and sound production to think about the interrelation of the digital and the actual.



I am currently conducting my PhD research at the University of Iceland as part of the FEINART research program. You can read reflections on diasporic modes of being, social media, and the process of my research through this monthly published blog.


- Build Your Own World From Home! (2020)

- Remember to Remember (2019)


- Leaving, Returning (2020) (Publication Manuscript)

- New Lebanon Reborn, Again (2020) (MA Thesis)


- Leaving, Returning (2020) (Trailer)

- Bodies and Power (2020)

- Dabkeh, Tabbouleh, and Trauma (2019)

- Dust of the Binckhorst (2019) (Trailer)

- Everywhere it is Machines (2019)